Style Quality Comfort

What do women want?

It's a good question. All the women I have spoken to (and there have been hundreds!) have their own particular style but what I did confirm is that most women want to look stylish more than follow fads. Younger women and older all looking for natural fabrics in classic designs! I love a relaxed look but I have to look stylish too. I found it so hard to find a quality women’s fashion label that was made in natural fabrics. Seeing a gap in the market I created Archer & Paige women's apparel. Having over twenty years of creative businesses under my belt and having a fashion design background it seemed the right choice for me. What I really want to do with my label is make women feel fabulous! I create pieces that can be added too and layered, every season picking up old favourites and adding new styles to enhance old ones. Linen is a versatile fabric. It looks better the more it is washed and worn, crinkles and all.

Style, quality and comfort.



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