Break the Rules!

Don’t you get sick of seeing the same thing everywhere! Fashion moves in trends but the market is so saturated with similar ideas it becomes tiresome. I say break the rules! Lets get creative and learn how to dress for your shape. You know when you see the advertising and try it on and realise you are never going to look like the ad? It happens to all of us. Unless of course you are tall with Amazonian legs! But the average women works hard to have the shape she wants and works hard to look and feel great. What about looking good and feeling good at the same time? Breaking the rules doesn’t mean on the road ladies! It means find something different that suits your shape and then ‘own it’. What I mean by owning it is look like you enjoy wearing it. Head up, smile on your chops, walk like you just won a trip to Europe. It takes courage to be different and not follow the pack but you will be surprised at the reception you get from friends and family. It doesn’t take much to think about outfits and plan your pieces. The effect will surprise you and the compliments should follow.

Have fun!

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