Break the Rules!

Don’t you get sick of seeing the same thing everywhere! Fashion moves in trends but the market is so saturated with similar ideas it becomes tiresome. I say break the rules! Lets get creative and learn how to dress for your shape. You know when you see the advertising and try it on and realise you are never going to look like the ad? It happens to all of us. Unless of course you are tall with Amazonian legs! But the average women works hard to have the shape she wants and works hard to look and feel great. What about looking good and feeling good at the same time? Breaking the rules doesn’t mean on the road ladies! It means find something different that suits your shape and then ‘own it’. What I mean by owning it is look like you enjoy wearing it. Head up, smile on your chops, walk like you just won a trip to Europe. It takes courage to be different and not follow the pack but you will be surprised at the reception you get from friends and family. It doesn’t take much to think about outfits and plan your pieces. The effect will surprise you and the compliments should follow.

Have fun!


What is linen?

I have an obsession with linen. I love it crushed and when it gets that worn-to-death look about it. It never fails me and gets better with age. But the best part about linen is it’s cool to wear in our hot climate.

So what is linen exactly? Technically it’s a vegetable and is made from cellulose fibres that grow inside stalks of the flax plant. What makes this plant interesting is it’s an annual plant and you can only grow it for a season. After seed planting it takes about one hundred days to harvest the flax. It can grow in dry climates but flourishes in cool damp areas. This is why it grows so well in the Nile Valley in Egypt.

Once harvested the flax stalks are dried and then threshed to remove the seeds and pods. To separate the flax fibre from the plant retting is used. Retting is when the flax is left in water, which causes the cells to break down leaving the quality fibres behind.

The retted stalks are dried and cured for weeks or months and then crushed to leave a smooth fibre to work with.

Finally the flax can be spun into fibres, which are woven into fabric called linen. Machines make most of our linen today but it is still made by hand in some parts of the world. 

Now when you wear linen you can appreciate the complexities of how it was made and understand why it is a strong, versatile fibre. Enjoy!


If you feel good in what you wear and you like it then you will most likely look good in it. You have to feel good in your skin but remember a little bit of ownership and a little bit of attitude go a long way. Being a fashionista doesn’t mean you are a fashion victim. It’s about being an individual and knowing your style while experimenting with what’s trending at the moment. Be creative and experiment! 

Style Quality Comfort

What do women want?

It's a good question. All the women I have spoken to (and there have been hundreds!) have their own particular style but what I did confirm is that most women want to look stylish more than follow fads. Younger women and older all looking for natural fabrics in classic designs! I love a relaxed look but I have to look stylish too. I found it so hard to find a quality women’s fashion label that was made in natural fabrics. Seeing a gap in the market I created Archer & Paige women's apparel. Having over twenty years of creative businesses under my belt and having a fashion design background it seemed the right choice for me. What I really want to do with my label is make women feel fabulous! I create pieces that can be added too and layered, every season picking up old favourites and adding new styles to enhance old ones. Linen is a versatile fabric. It looks better the more it is washed and worn, crinkles and all.

Style, quality and comfort.



Linen Naturally The Best Choice

It’s true…I have a healthy obsession with linen.

The great thing about linen is that if it creases, it simply adds to the stylish organic effect. There are a few reasons I can think of that make organic clothing a good choice. Natural fibres are a better alternative to synthetics and create a nicer environment for workers. They are a quality product and last longer and it’s the least toxic way to go. You reduce waste if you wear your clothes for more than one season and help with the major global problem of waste…adding to your wardrobe rather than the next quick fix or fashion fad. Also think about the Fair Trade Act. You can be assured that workers have safe working conditions free from sweatshops and get a fair wage.

Linen naturally the best choice!